Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Methi Malai Tofu Bhaaji


2 tsp peanut oil
4 oz. firm tofu cut into 1/2" cubes
1/4 cup frozen chopped Methi leaves (thaw and squeeze water out)
handful cashew nuts
1/4 cup non-fat milk

For The Marinade:

1/4 tsp fresh garlic paste
1/4 tsp fresh ginger paste
1 green chili paste (optional) add more or add less depending on your taste
handful cilantro leaves chopped fine
1/4 cup non-fat plain yogurt
salt to taste
pinch of sugar


Mix all the ingredients for marinade.
Add tofu pieces into marinade and keep in refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
Grind cashew nuts in milk and set aside.
Heat oil (or 2 tsp water) in a flat non stick pan.
Add Methi in it and cook it for a couple of minutes.
Add marinated tofu along with marinade and cook until all the liquid is absorbed.
Add cashew paste and stir well until tofu gets coated well.
Serve as a side dish.


1) Methi, also called as Fenugreek, can be found in Indian stores. If you are using fresh Methi leaves 
in this recipe, wash and pluck leaves and discard the stems. Wash the leaves thoroughly in water as fresh methi may have sand in it. I add these leaves in a big pot filled with water and stir them well. Sand settles at the bottom of the pan and remove the leaves to a plate and discard the water. Rinse the pot and fill it with the new water and repeat the process twice. Squeeze the leaves to remove excess water and chop them finely.
2) Glossary of Vegetables - Indian Names

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mjm said...

I am making this today! along with a spicy aloo palak!